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Registration Agreement
What your looking at is our Code of Conduct! Read it!! Live it!! If you feel that this is to much then walk away!!

The GRIM Code of Conduct :

1. Racism/Flaming will not be tolerated!! Directing racist, negative, disrespectful, and/or insulting comments toward someone or a group are grounds for immediate expulsion from G.R.I.M!.

2. Respect other members: simply put, treat others as you would be treated; respect them and their views, even if you disagree with them.

3. Be Responsible: If an interpersonal issue arises, please be open-minded to the possibility that your behavior may have contributed to the problem. Taking responsibility for our actions is often a good first step toward a peaceful reconciliation.

4. No Trolling: A "troll" is a person who intentionally attempts to disrupt, cause controversy, incite an argument, and/or receive negative attention by deliberately posting provocative content whether it is on our forums,team speak, or in game!

5. No power-posting: Power-posting is best described as posting empty and worthless messages, and therefore is not tolerated!

6. No spamming: A blight upon the face of the net, spam is forbidden this includes team speak voice spamming.

7. Legality: Criminal solicitation is strictly forbidden on this website. In this context, "criminal solicitation" shall mean, "To actively or passively inform about, facilitate, incite, move, or persuade others to some act of lawlessness or illegal activity." Not only will you be Kicked from GRIM but you will also be remove from all GRIM servers and VIOP's.

In-game Etiquette for our Members :

1. G.R.I.M. members should show proper in-game etiquette at all times.

2. They should always portray excellent sportsmanship in their online gaming. Remember, every loss is a lesson, which may help you learn "not" to lose, in the future.

3. Cheats/Bots/etc - Do we need to say it? When we play people, we want to be playing people, not a "Bot" or someone using cheats to give themselves an edge. If you suspect someone of cheating please let a admin know a.s.a.p.

4. Cheating WILL be grounds for immediate expulsion from G.R.I.M. We will NOT tolerate it

5. Game End - A quick, sportsmanlike "GG" is usually always appropriate at the end of a game. Whether it was actually a "Good Game" for you or not, this is generally good etiquette.

Clan Tags :

1.)Clan tags are issued once your registered to our site and are excepted into our FNG program.

2.) Once a member passes our FNG program and is promoted to Private they are required to wear the GRIM tags as per this rule set.

3.) GRIM tags are required to be worn within Team Speak at all times. This shows new members who is apart of this community if questions arise.

4.) Officers of GRIM are expected to wear their ranks within Team Speak at all times. The following ranks are considered officers, BG MG LTG and G4L.

5.) Clan tags are to be present at all times within the FPS gaming genre. Any game that is considered an RPG or MMO this will not apply.  However  if a guild is created by a member of this community it should reflect GRIM in some way.

6.) When playing in any server/game with tags displayed, you are to act in a positive manner and follow the server rules at all times. 

The wearing of G.R.I.M. tags is an honor, it shows other players and members that YOU are a dedicated member to this community! Wear it proudly!!  




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